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We go from the small will (the 40) to the small ego. The small willpower in the 40 leads into the big willpower in the 51 and the small ego in the 26 crosses over to the 21, the big ego. Here we deal with the small ego. In sexual terminology, both the 40 and the 26 are gates of denial. They are fundamentally weak. That is why they need their rest.

Think about the 26. We know that the instinctive side of tribal circuitry has to do with our organizational groupings on the material plane, our work culture. The 26th gate is the gate of the marketing manager or the sales person. One of the things that are so clear about the 26 is that while everybody else in the factory is working really hard and struggling to get the products out on time, on a deadline, administrating the organization and keeping the company happy, the 26 is on the golf course. It is playing golf and not doing its business. Please recognize that the ego cannot work the way in which everybody else who needs the ego wants it to work. Everybody wants the ego to be like the root center or the sacral center, but it is not. It is very different.

I have told students of mine before, in the Gray courses, that one of the cute little mysteries of our design is that there is no direct connection between the ego and the sacral center. It there was one, we would not die. It is because the sacral center, with a direct connection to the ego, will stop the ego from being lazy and going to sleep. It just will.

The moment the sacral has a direct connection to the ego, the ego would not be allowed to say, «I am a motor but I am not working today.» Only the ego can do that because that is the kind of motor that the ego is. The difficulty that society has with the ego is the assumption that willpower has to operate like sacral power. It is not true. This is not a generator at all.

Written above the lines it says: The maximization of the power of memory applied to the nurturing of continuity. The 26th gate is the gate of the egoist and it is the gate of exaggeration. The tribe expects to be exaggerated to. It is very important for the tribe. It likes that. This is the best refrigerator, the best car, the best country. Exaggeration is part of the way of getting the tribe to feel good. The 26th gate is the strength or lack of strength to apply memory.
The whole thing to understand about the ego is that it is built on manipulation, and please do not think of this as a bad word. It is simply the ability to manipulate things. There are very few gates that are called 'taming gates': The Taming Power of the Small (the 9th gate), to be able to take the broad spectrum of energy and to focus, tame it, to tame the root and its pressure by focusing it; and here, the capacity of the ego to manipulate instinctive memory.
Because it is a small ego, it also must be massaged and, while everybody else is working so hard, the boss calls the salesman who is standing on the golf course with his cell phone. The boss asks, «Did you see the client?' Hoh, yes,» says the 26. «Of course I did.» That may or may not be true. The 26 may want to see that client, may think that they should see that client, but this is the ego and rest is important.

«I really don't have the juice,» says the 26. Only when the ego is understood for that nature can it be properly handled by 37's, 44's, 25's, or 45's. Until that is understood, there is only conflict with the ego.

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